Monday, November 5, 2007

Fall colors and a visit

Come on in and visit a spell! We will have a slice of red velvet cake and some tea or milk with it.
What do you think of my box? it is a computer paper box covered in contact paper that I did in the 1980's. I use it to keep projects I am working on safe and sound in between rotations.
The new Schrock's catalog came today. We can look at crafting supplies and see what we need. Everything is wholesale and shipping is super cheap.
Okay, now that we have had a little visit, enjoy the fall colors around town!

Thanks for stopping by! Please do come again. We will be waiting with hugs and treats.


  1. Beautiful fall colors!!!
    Thanks for stopping by today and I appreciate your prayers for the young man with the brain tumors.
    I'm going to put you in my sidebar so I can visit you again!

  2. Oh wow! The trees in your town are so gorgeous!!

  3. What a lovely visit!! thank you for having me!! :)

  4. It's fun to realize that even as our colored leaves are gone, other places they are just beginning. The cycles of life.

  5. Would you mind cutting me a small slice of that delicious cake and I will take some tea as well. Thank You. What a pretty box you have there. I love it! Have fun with your crafting catalog! I so miss the fall colors! I could use some fall colors. This brown in the desert isn't working for me anymore....:(

  6. I would love to sit a spell, have a slice of cake...browse your catalog with you.....and enjoy your fall colors...What time?

  7. What beautiful colours!!!!!!!! I love the box......ohhh does that company ship to canada???

  8. Lovely pictures of the beautiful fall foilage! Makes you thank God for his wonderous gifts, doesn't it! Feels good just to be alive!

    And I love the cake...mmmm good!

    I have many boxes covered in contact paper (my granny called it "sticks")!

  9. Love your idea of covering a computer paper box. They are so nice and sturdy. Your red velvet cake looks tempting..
    Fall is my favorite season, and your tree colors are just gorgeous!
    Loved the pic of Katie sleeping under her blankie. I know she's such a blessing to you both!!

  10. MMM...this cake sure is good Miz Michelle!

    I just love lookin' at that catalog with you....

    And our walk for through the neighborhood admiring the trees has made me hungry for another tee-tiny slice please??

  11. Beautiful Trees!!! Thanks for the colorful view.

  12. Love your contact paper box. I do the same thing! I made a red velvet cake a couple weeks ago, but mine seemed very dry. Do you have any easy recipe?

  13. These are beautiful pictures! We too, have had some outstanding fall color this year. God's colors are never exhausted.

  14. What great trees--and is that a tin roof I see behind the tree on the fifth picture down?

  15. Michelle,
    I would love a slice of your red velvet cake and a cup of tea. I could set and look at catalogs over and over trying to decide what I will order.

    The walk through the neighborhood is beautiful. We a just now beginning to see some of the beautiful colors around.

    I enjoyed my visit and the wonderful time that we shared together. Thanks for your prayers and support always.

    Have a wonderful day.

  16. Such glorious color! Thanks for the tour! Have a great weekend;~D


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