Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Friday! Updated!

I think I have it fixed so the pictures will show up now!
This will back you sad! yep, our house is up for sale. But if it is still on the market in February when we can get financing we will buy it. if not we will buy something else later in the year!
Katie says Peek a boo!
Here is Jack's crib cover. He is nearly done with it. Just the border to do.
And here is my Ruth 1:16 project.
And here is my Life's sampler. Just need to outline the urn and flowers, complete the other bird on the heart, the rest of the border, and the year.
Ta-dah! the needlepoint is done and made into a pillow. The fabric is samples for furniture given to me by a friend.

So there ya have it! And for the person who asked. Yep that is a metal roof on the house in the picture. We have a lot of metal roofs in this area. See ya soon.

Lori at Pink Faded Roses is having a giveaway of some wonderful items. Run over and check it out! It is worth a look!
So that is it from Missouri. Have a great weekend. Oh and whoever asked about the house having a metal roof on it. Yes it did and so do a lot of them around here.


Vonna said...

Oh no!!! I hope you don't have to move again ;(

One positive thing is that the housing market is really bad right now. Maybe it will be ok, until you can purchase it yourself. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Suzanne said...

Gosh I hope y'all don't have to move again.

I recognize Ruth 1:16. I have that piece hanging in our bedroom!!! Suz

Susie said...

I'll keep the house situation in my prayers. If your area is anything like CA, houses sit on the market forever before they sell.

thefrogpryncess said...

The housing situation is in my prayers.

I can't see any of your pictures, just boxes with the infamous red x in them. :o(

Kathleen Marie said...

I pray the house doesn't sell so you can buy... That would be so sad indeed. I couldn't see your photos :(

God Bless!

Saved By Grace said...

We both know God is in the Miracle business. I will be praying that He holds the house out just for you folks! Like others stated, the housing market is not great right now. God knows our needs, and our desires. Many blessings! Love and prayers.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Sorry the pics haven't shown up for some of you. They seem to be fine now. We do have battle plans for our housing situation so no worries there! Thanks for all the concern and love and prayers!

T*mmy said...

I hope all goes well so ya'll can stay in your home!

Greg said...

Oh I so hope you get to buy the house, it will be so much better then renting all the time. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Katie is just a big sweetie like my girls are. Jack's crib cover is Awesome! I love your Life's Sampler, is that morning glories I see there. Exactly what is needlepoint? Is it just a half stitch in cross stitch? I am not sure. Anyway it is beautiful.

Lana said...

I pray that everything will work out the way you hope! Your handwork is just outstanding!! Thank you for sharing such beauty:~) "All things work together for those who love the Lord."

DaisyGirl said...

I hope you can buy the house! I know moving can be so stressful! My nephew Tim is in boot camp right now! We haven't heard from him yet! I hate the waiting part. I understand it, but hate it.
stitching looks great!
ps: too bad I didn't get any takers, it could have been fun!

Barbara said...

Michelle, thanks for visiting and I'm glad you like my Autumn photos. I see you have some beautiful Fall colours yourself.

I just sit at my computer amazed when I see your exquisite stitiching and designs. I years to come they will be worth so much but I know that is not your whole point. You just do them for love.

Good to catch up with your blog. Sorry about the house, but God is bigger than the sellers so pray you will get it in the end.
Those longand flat roads of Kansas!

Sharon said...

Michelle, I sincerely hope you don't have to move again. Your needlepoint pillow is gorgeous. Congrats on the finish.

Julianne said...


I really pray that you won't have to move. I think you've made a lovely home there.

Jack's crib cover is really lovely!