Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fun photos, cross stitch and lots of gabbing!

I wanted to share some pictures we took around town this past week. These are our downtown decorations.
These are garlands with bells on them in the picture above. And the merry Christmas welcoming you to downtown.
Here below is what you will see on the highway. We also have Santa and his reindeer in the park. And the covered wagon on Main has lights on it too. Each year we also have a contest for individuals who decorate their homes.
I wanted to share something with you. Some will probably not care but it tickled me to no end to find it. This is an engraving done in the 1800's of my ancestors home in England. It was called King's Bromley Hall and even the famous Lady Godiva once lived there! How funny is that? Sadly, it was destroyed in 1920 but wasn't it beautiful?
Here is a home Jack and I love on Main Street. Isn't it cute with it's picket fence and all?
I have always been fasinated with the window on this old home. That must have taken a lot of work to make that rascal!
The other day, Jack went to the dollar store to get jelly and something else. I was on the computer when he got back and handed me a sack. This is what was inside! An adorable little snowman that has a light inside. I try to get a new snowman every year. Last year I was too sick to care about it.
And for the big finale!!!!!!! Jack has finished the crib cover. isn't it wonderful? I just love it.


~~Deby said...

Love the pictures of your town...the houses...the window and where your ancestors what a sweet hudband you have to bring you your snowman.....and his crib quilt...GORGEOUS......wonderful......think it would be a throw....

Sharon said...

It's nice to see a town still using "Merry Christmas"!

Aren't husbands sweet to think of us and surprise us with the little things they know we like?!

The crib cover is beautiful!!! How long did it take him?

_ said...

Lovely decorations in your town. We don't do anything like that here. Interesting window...I love unique things in houses. And congrats to Jack on his big finish!

Annemarie said...

Lovely pictures, Michelle! Thanks for sharing a bit of your neighbourhood with us.
Jack's crib cover is stunning!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Your hometown is so sweet and quaint :) Ours is a bit bigger than that and not so quaint, as it is a college town. But my hometown, where our folks live, it's smaller than yours and I love it!
Jack's crib cover is the sweetest...what a lot of work he put into that one! And wasn't he a sweetie for bringing you that snowman!

Glenna said...

I absolutely love seeing the pictures of your town! The crib cover is wonderful--congratulations, Jack! Now you need a new project....

Gran said...

Your town decorations make me think of my hometown at Christmas. Thank you for sharing your photos with us. What a unique window...I bet it did take a lot of work to make that one...Your husband is a precious man....I love your snowman he is so cute.
I think that Jack's crib cover is AWESOME! A lot of work in that one.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


Ms. Kathleen said...

I love snowmen. I collect them as well but seem to have misplaced a few since last year. Bummer!! I LOVE that adorable! And that must have taken for-ev-er! Hugs to you! Stay warm!

Tammy said...

Your little town looks like it could be the set of "It's a Wonderful Life"! So nice!

Jack gets extra Santa points for the Snowman and congrats to him on finishing that amazing blanket! Great job!!

Ya'll have a great day!

Dawn said...

What a nice, pleasant-looking place to live.

I have the beginnings of a snowman collection, and quite a few angels. My husband brought one home to me tonight - a lady he works with got it from a customer they deal with in their company - she got mad at him, so didn't want it any more. I can't believe she's carrying this grudge around, but it got me a new really cute snowman. I'll have to post a picture!

Have a wonderful, blessed week-end.

Katie said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and it's lovely! :-)

My husbands' family is all from Missouri, so the Ozarks are near and dear to my heart - beautiful country!!

Just wanted to say hello!


PlainCatholic said...

The quilt cover is beautiful and special because it was homemade with love! Stunning, that!

That window in the old house is another beautiful example of craftsmanship rather than mass production. These are a few of my favorite things.