Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dogs On Thursday

This picture was just to good to pass up! Katie just sits there on that toy hamburger like nothing!
I want you to meet Bubba Joe. He was our pride and joy. He had digestive issues and most of his tail was missing but he was such a loving, happy boy.
Everyone was Bubba's friend including all other animals. He loved to visit the folks in the small assisted living facility I worked at.
We called him batdog when he did his ears like that. Portrait done from a photo by Larry Merrill. Bubba had to be put to sleep at the tender age of 6 and a half years in March 2004 due to liver failure. It nearly broke our hearts and we still have his ashes with us.
This is Mr. Max the big red doxie. We adopted him at age 13 in July of 2005 and he made the long trip from North Carolina to Missouri to come live with us. Sadly, at age 14 in March of 2006 he passed away.
As a last note. Junior is no longer living with us. it was hard to give him up but he needed a lot more excercise and play than two differently-abled folks could give him. Happily, he is living with two young girls whose dog passed away. He has another dog to play with and an active family to keep him busy.


  1. I'm sorry the puppy had to live somewhere else, but I'm sure he's happy! I loved to see all the pictures of your other sweet they all are!

  2. Sweet memories. I can identify with how you feel about Junior. I had to give up a MUCH loved beagle pup because she was just too much for us to deal with after Girly-Girl was born.

    She went to a wonderful family and was spoiled rotten, but I still get misty when I hear a beagle bay...


  3. Sorry to hear Junior had to leave your nest ... I am glad to hear you did find him a great new home. Does Katie miss him?

  4. I'll miss Junior's pics, but I'm glad to hear he has a family that can care for his energetic needs. :)

    Your Ruth project is coming along nicely and so is Jack's!

  5. Love the dog pics :D I had to do a double take at Katie's pic, wondering what she was sitting on! LOL Then I read the blurb.


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