Monday, March 10, 2008

Finally! We have pictures!

Aren't these glasses cute? I found them for a dollar a piece at Dollar General. They are the heavier melamine plastic. We like to use plastic glasses for every day rather than the breakable ones. The plastic ones I bought in 2005 are about shot and half of them are no longer with us. LOL!
Here is my progress on Ruth. I am nearly done with the sky and grass and will soon be down to only the dark blue to work on.
Jack's chicken quilt is coming along very well. The box the hen is sitting on is nearly done!
This is a mural in Nevada MO where we shop a lot and I lived when I was in high school. it is a short 15 minute drive for us. This shows when the area was settled and then the burning of the town during the civil war. Best as I remember, most of the town was destroyed.
With Nevada being only about 20 miles from Kansas and both states differing on slavery, it was a pretty violent time with a lot of murders, burnings and raids.
So that is your history lesson for this week! LOL! See ya soon!


Darlene said...

Happy to see blogger is finally co-operating with you, love the pictures!

Susan said...

The glasses are cute. Thanks for the history lesson. That was very interesting. I did not realize the two states were on different sides of the slave issue.

Casdok said...

Thats my kind of history lesson!! :)

Patty said...

what cute drinking glasses. blogger was giving me a hard time with loading pictures this past week too. Glad its working again.
You two sure keep busy !

Carole Burant said...

I got so frustrated with Blogger this morning I ended up not posting! lol I do hope they fix whatever the problem is with uploading pictures!!

Love those glasses you found at the dollar store. Isn't it amazing the great stuff you can get there for just a dollar!! I especially love using plastic glasses in the summer time since I spend so much time outside then.

You and Jack are both doing well with your latest projects. Like all the others you've made, they will look beautiful!! xoxo

Dawn said...

Love the projects - and the history lesson - and the glasses! I love our Dollar Tree. Have to avoid going too often, though, because those dollars do add up after awhile, and one can get carried away with such good bargains!

Have you ever tried for picture loading? I just recently started using Blogger for pictures, because I ran out of room on Flickr, but it has always worked really well.

Susie said...

Hi dear Michelle,
I've missed visiting you. You do such beautiful work and I always enjoy the photos you show.
My daughter would love those watermelon glasses. She has a cute tablecloth for summer covered in watermelons :)
Give Katy a little hug for me!