Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy, blessed Sunday

Here is Jack's latest project. His last wall hanging.
This is what it will look like when finished. I love my chickens!
My progress on my Quaker sampler. I finished the house except for a stitch I missed and now am working around the house.
And meet Junior. The newest member of our little family, he is two years old and we are his third home poor little begger! He is quite the clown and so sweet and loving and busy! Katie has adjusted very well to her new brother and keeps him in line when needed.
Well, last week the robins returned here in Missouri. So good to see them again and hear their singing. The weather was beautiful the last two days even though it was windy and I enjoyed seeing the robins roaming about looking for worms. What a difference tomorrow will be with a 40 degree drop in temperature and some nasty weather coming in! Love that Missouri weather but what bad timing as Monday is our errand day. Oh well, God will keep us safe and we will quickly be home! God keep you all until next we meet! Oh and please pray for my friend Suz. She just lost her Grandpa and a word or two of encouragement would mean so much to her I know!


Vonna said...

Hi Michelle! I've been extra busy of late running with the kids and working so I'm trying to catch up with my blogs...sorry to hear you had a UTI, you sound good now, so I'm thinking you must be on the mend...those stink for sure and I'm glad your better.

And may I be the first to welcome sweet Junior...what a sweetie he is! My Mom has a dog just like Junior and his name is Fritz.

Jacks new quilt would fit perfectly in my kitchen ;) But it will look spectacular in your home! Much love and big hugs from me to you!

Anonymous said...

How nice that you've given Junior a home. We were the third family to have our wonderful Roscoe and he's been with us for eight years. I'm so glad we adopted him. I'm sure Junior will be a great addition to your family.

Julianne said...


What a cute dog little Junior is! I'm so happy to hear that Katie is adjusting well to him. It can be rough.

Your stitching looks wonderful and Jack's too! Have a good week.

DaisyGirl said...

Junior looks like he's in heaven! Glad Katie is adjusting to new brother, it's always such a worry when you introduce a new pet. Quilt looking great!

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your friends grandpa.
Those chickens are great! I love all the detail!!

My Life with Bipolar Disorder said...

Michelle, so glad Junior found a home in your home and a kind companion in Katie. Yours and Jacks stitches are so lovely. Keep up the good works. Take care. Warmly in the Lord, Nancie

Sharon said...

You're both really coming along with your stitches!

Junior will find much love in his new home. I know he'll be happy. So good that Katie accepted him. :)

Dawn said...

Another cute dachsie!! So sweet.

Love the new projects!

Lana said...

Oh, what a sweet addition to your family! As always your stitching is beautiful! We are currently enjoying about 8" of powdery snow and the boys are excited about staying home:~D
Praying for Suz. God bless you for having such a big heart.

groovyoldlady said...

Aaaaw, Junior is adorable!

Sorry about the icky weather. They don't call it "Misery" for nothing!

jennifer said...

What a cute addition to the family!

I love the cross stitch projects too! I love chickens!

HsKubes said...

I just love y'all's current projects! And what a sweet lil' addition to the family. ;o)

I'm glad my "Precious in the Eyes of the Lord" post was a blessing. The sermon was a great blessing to me. Things are much more precious when we can see them the way the Lord sees them.

Hope you have a good week.
~ Christina

Michelle said...

Ooh your Quaker Sampler is beautiful! Cute puppy!

Meari said...

Had someone here in IL say they saw a flock of robins, too. Poor misguided birds. Don't they know it's not spring yet? LOL Glad to hear Junior and Katie are getting along well. :)

Sheri said...

Adorable dogs!

Daughter of the King said...

Catching up tonight on blogs too find that you have a new pet....awwww...what a sweetie and come to such a love filled home...
Welcome Junior I am sure we will see many pictures of you.
Love all the pictures of your projects.