Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good day all!

Here is Jack's chickens. I think he will be tired of all the browns and gold by the time he is done with it!

Here is a real finish! I had cross stitched these chickens some time ago so yesterday I sat down and finished them up by adding fabric on the back and all around. Next cute buttons and ribbon for hanging. They will go over my back door in the kitchen. Now I am starting on new kitchen curtains with my apple fabric and the same fabric I used on the chickens.
Some progress on Ruth too. I am going to have to buy some more of the dark blue though. I go through it fast as you use 3 strands for better coverage with it.
I caught everyone snoozing yesterday! Couldn't resist snapping a picture!

So God bless you all and I will see you soon!


  1. Looks like a very comfy naptime! I love the darker dog, who looks like he's well cuddled under a blanket and found a nice pillow too! Great progress on your stitching

  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely stitches. Good to see both of you making such nice progress :)

  3. Adorable picture of your 3 snoozers!! I love the way you've done your chickens to hang. I'll be eager to see the kitchen curtains the material sounds cute. I've been wanting to ask: how and when did you and Jack start doing so much needlework. Especially Jack. If you've posted about it in the past send me a link so I can read it. Inquiring minds (mine!!) just have to know!!!

    Have a wonderful, blessed Easter week Michelle. I appreciate you.


  4. Like the chickens - very country and cute!

    Too bad you can't design a sleeping dogs and hubby crosstitch!

  5. man, you guys make nice stitching! (lol does that make sense? lol)
    i love the nap picture!

  6. Everyone looks tuckered out! Love the chickens btw, did you know that my last name (maiden that is) means fighting rooster? (Kohoutek) We are of Czech/Scottish blend! What a family! Yes, that is the Kohoutek comet. if you can remember back to the 70's. A relative of my Grandfather discovered the Kohoutek comet. My small claim to fame! haha
    Have a blessed day!

  7. What great pictures of Jack and the kids....
    love seeing your projects....

  8. Love the sleepy photos!
    And I love the projects and the finished ones, too! Wonderful jobs!

    Hope y'all enjoy your week!

    ~ Christina

  9. after all that stitching of chickens, a nap would be in order. Love the work you two do.

  10. I think your Chicken finishes look absolutely great Michelle :-)

    Have a very Happy Easter with your DH and lovely dogs xx

  11. Your chicken finishes are ADORABLE!

  12. So, when my friend are you going to open an Etsy shop? You know there is a HUGE market for hand made items ... email me if you need help, I am happy too!
    Don't tell but at work we can see blogs now!! YIPPEE! I could read them in Google reader but have never been able to post comments, well now I can!!


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