Monday, June 14, 2010

Here we are stitching on a soggy Monday!

Here is Jack's kitchen piece. He had put it down for awhile and now he is doing a mess of outlining.
I am building a bridge! LOL! Seems like forever working on the silly thing but it is getting there slow but sure.
And I thought you would enjoy this picture of E.J.. He often sits on his Bobo toy, gives it a stern look and beats the soup out of it.
Sorry for such short posts but we are working on our bedroom.  It is getting close to being done.  We took the bed apart and cleared everything out, tore up the carpet and pad and now we are cleaning up the floor.  We need to finish painting, trim out the other windows, put up border, and strip and stain the hardwood.  I think that is all!  LOL!  So God bless and huggles all!


  1. Love your cross stich projects!

  2. Love Jack's kitchen! Both look great!

  3. I like little dogs with their big toys....


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