Monday, June 28, 2010

cross stitch and E.J. too!

Does it look like a wolf yet? LOL! Hardly! I am actually working on the background in the upper left hand corner. Maybe next time it will look like more than a brown blob!
Here is where I left off on Rainbow Bridge. I know I am close to done but I needed a break. I admit too that finishing and putting Katie-Bug and Bubba Joe's names is tough and I am stalling.
So what has E. J. been up to?  Well beating up defenseless sticks for one.
Maxing out while mom is on the computer is another favorite.
And when you grow weary of that go max out in the bed!
So that is it for me today.  I am off to do my chores and make laundry soap!  God bless and huggles.


Kay said...

E. J. is certainly photogenic! What a cutie!!!

You are on the ball with your stitching!

Lucy said...

What an awesome cutie dog!!!!

Regina said...

What a cutie! I would like to learn cross stitch sometime.I just learned to knit and I'm learning how to sew. I'm sure cross stitch should be easy.

More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Michelle,

The Rainbow Bridge is so beautiful! You are so good with your sewing. E.J. is so cute as usual :) I love to look at his pictures. He is such a sweetie. Thanks for your visit and encouragements. I thank God for you too. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


Dee said...

I found cross stitch to be hard, so I appreciate you beautiful work. E.J. is as cute as ever and looks like he has a sweet personality.