Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello on a rainy day!

Does it look like a wolf's ear yet? It really is! LOL! I think I have made good progress! I will put it down at the end of the week and finish Rainbow Bridge.
Can you see E.J's tongue sticking out?  He does that a lot and sometimes it seems he is sticking it out at us!
It was rainy most of the day and E.J. was VERY disgusted and spent most of the day like this.
There is that tongue again!
Here is a little video of E.J.


  1. EJ has surely grown quickly. He is an absolutely adorable buddy. Your new cross stitch looks a challenge. God blesses your work.

  2. wow...lots of detail on your cross-stitch...
    that EJ is sure a entertainer...

  3. Does not look like a wolf's ear yet but I am sure it soon will.
    Would love some of your rain. Been dry for weeks here and garden suffering. 100 outside here today and 88 inside.

  4. What cute pics!!! :)

  5. Thanks for your comment on my Rocky Ridge Farm post. I answered your comment in my comments over there, but not sure if you were able to see. We were not able to visit Rose's Rock House, but I hope to go back to visit that! They informed us that it was just up the road...sounds like a treasure itself! Our grandparents don't live too far from there, so we hope to catch that on our next visit, Lord willing! :-) Always sweet to hear from you ~ thanks for stopping by!

    Also ~ you have such talent with all of your stitchings...I would love to do more cross-stitch someday! Your projects are lovely!



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