Friday, July 30, 2010

Time for another update!

Yesterday we got some much needed rain. I peeked out the front door and took a picture of the morning glories wet with rain. The blooms had long since closed up, but the rain was nice on the leaves.
Here is my wolf.  I did the top bit of stitching.  Next I did all the black on this section as a guide to placing other colors.  I thought I would never finish all that black!  LOL!
Here is Jack's work.  Let me tell you it is much lovelier in person than the picture they had on the package.  I can not hardly wait until Jack finishes to see what it looks like.
Little E.J. yesterday all snugged in for his afternoon nap.  Those eyes!  They get me every time!
Have a blessed weekend all.  Huggles.


ClassyChassy said...

E.J.'s eyes are wonderful and sweet! Nice needlework, too, by the way!

Lucy said...

OMG...those little eyes are so adorable!!!

Kay said...

I could drown myself in those adorable eyes of E.J.'s!
Yours and Jack's projects are going to be beautiful!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

The blooms looked like little candies! (Bunny got a new's a little blue rabbit with really long ears....)