Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wolves, houses and mums oh my!

These are my mums this year. The yellow one thinks he should be blooming already. I nearly lost the 2 on either end but they are at last coming out of it. I think they will all be beautiful this fall!

As a reminder, here they were when planted last fall.  BIG difference.

See the siding on our poor house?  We tease it has a bad skin condition and it is not a sight for sore eyes either.  I HATE vinyl siding and this aluminum is right up there with it!  It will be coming off and the original siding will be repaired and repainted.
This is the old cement and fiber siding that was put on when the house was built in 1968.  The stuff lasts almost forever and really holds paint to.  We have the colors all decided.  A very pale yellow wall, sage green screen doors, eaves and peaks and barn red doors.
Here is my wolf and I am so glad to finally be doing a little bit of gray after brown, brown and more brown. The picture doesn't really do full justice as there is very subtle shading of browns in the background. Sometimes the colors are so alike it is hard to tell them apart but what a lovely effect!

So that is what is going on around here. We are both tired from moving the newer window a/c from the window to the wall where the old one was. I am glad it is moved! It made it hard to get past it and the car under the carport and the east part of the kitchen did not cool much at all. So be blessed all and see you soon. Huggles.


Anonymous said...

Your mums are going to be beautiful. I can't get them to grow for me. Thanks for the post.


Amydeanne said...

oh painting! can't wait to see how it turns out! and your stitching is coming along nicely as usual!