Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's windy! Must be March!

I have been busily sewing away. I want to try and finish this page before I switch to my other piece but no promises!
Took time to make raisin swirl bread.  It should make a wonderful little snack tonight.
Our girl has been extra silly today.  Here she is trying to get my attention.  It worked!
Jack has not had the heart to fix the desk drawer where are computer sits here in the living room.  This is the reason why.  Sylvia sees it as a great place to stalk and prey upon toy mice!
See her little nose while she was napping?  This was to cute not to take a picture of!
And here is Jack Last Supper piece.  He is feeling better of late so he is able to do more stitching now.
So be blessed and have an awesome day.  Huggles.


  1. Beautiful my friend and the raisin bread looks good enough to eat. LOL

  2. Michelle,

    Your stitch work is simply beautiful! It must take alot of patience to make something so beautiful!

    Your bread looks yummy too, and your little cat is too cute. I have a few cats myself. They are very curious and entertaining creatures.



  3. Jack is a very good. Tell him I said so :-)

    When you gonna teach Sylvia how to write a blog? :-)

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Your sewing is beautiful and the bread looks yummy :) Sylvia is so cute, as usual! Thanks for sharing her photographs. It always make me smile to see her cute pictures. Take care and I wish you a very blessed weekend.


  5. The bread looks great, and the stitching is awesome! God bless you both and your new kitty, too.

  6. You MADE cinnamon swirl bread? That's nice. I buy mine......I'd rather have yours.

  7. I am so glad Jack is feeling perkier.

    Miss Sylvia with her paws on her face: "Momma, turn out the light I'm trying to sleep here".


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