Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello again!

Sylvia Sillies

Checking out the new carrier!


Mr. Fishy attack!


Napping tonight after being pretty sick.  She is doing better now.


Sporting a stylish decoration!


She felt well enough tonight to watch kittens on tv with us.


Cross Stitch

I got all but the bottom portion of the banding done on Guardian Angel.  And a little tan on the center portion of her dress.


Thanks for visiting.  I am not sure there will be many, if any, posts before the move.  Neither are much feeling like cross stitching after prep work for the move on the ninth.  Blessings and huggles.


  1. Happy New Year, and I hope your move goes smoothly!!

  2. Anonymous4:12 PM CST

    Praying you all have a safe and happy move.

    Thanks for the blog, I love seeing you cross stitch and the cute things Silvia is up to.

    A friend in Pennsylvania

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Michelle! Christmas has finally been put away and I now have more time to concentrate on my blogging. I'm looking forward to some quiet days ahead:-)

    Loved seeing these new pictures of Sylvia and I'm so glad to hear that she's doing much better now. Good luck with your move!!

    Looking forward to another year of your delightful friendship:-) xoxo

  4. Prayers for a safe and happy relocation for you, Jack and Queenie Sylvia. May all be well and uneventful for you.

  5. Happy New Year Michelle :) You probably don't remember me but I used to follow your blog and you used to visit mine, many many years ago :) I just got back into blogging and while looking through past posts saw your name, so glad I did :)

    I missed visiting you. Will be adding your blog to my Google Reader :)

  6. Love the pictures of Sylvia :o) Sorry to hear she was sick. I hope it was just hairballs!

    You've done some great progress on your angel. Good luck with the move. You'll be quite busy I'm sure.


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