Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time For A Post!


Sunset tonight at our house.  Very lovely with the streaky clouds I thought.


Sylvia Sillies

And as always our silly, sleepy girl!


Cross Stitch

A close up of the area I am working on on my angel.  Green, green and did I say green?


Jack is oh so close to starting the outlining on his baby quilt.   I love looking at the cute little animals.


So there you have it.  Things may be a bit far and few between until we move but don’t give up on me.  Huggles and blessings.


Vonna said...

That's a mighty fine sunset showing off God's beauty! And some awesome stitching! AND a cute kitty!

groovyoldlady said...

I love your posts!

Lana said...

Beautiful sunset!!! That is just gorgeous! God truly is the most amazing artist, isn't He? Love yours and Jacks stitching! And of course your post would not be complete without photos of Silly Sylvia!! =)

Mrs. Q said...

As always, I love your pictures. What a beautiful sunset!

PlainCatholic said...

Michelle, I have added you and Jack to my prayers so that you may have a safe and uneventful move. I know you will miss the old place but a new home without the struggles of repairs will be more helpful for you both.

A most blessed Christmas to you both. Keep Sylvia close and in her carrier during your move because she will be nervous and might try to run out the door of the old or new house. Can you tell we have made moves with cats before? LOL.