Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am back!

We have had lots of appointments the last few days and been having a little fun on some country drives.  Here is a barn we both liked.

I also started a doily for our dining table.  The color is called Passionata but I forget what brand it is.  It will have pineapples in the design which I really like.

Gathering Eggs is nearly finished but I am getting a bit burned out so it is slow going.  Almost there though.

I finished another jumper today.  I have a couple more pieces of fabric that will be here tomorrow for a couple more jumpers.  There will also be fabric for a pair of pajama bottoms for Jack.

This is the tiny sheriff office branch here in town.  I mean it is little!

And of course our silly girl Sylvia!

Thanks for visiting and God bless.  huggles.


  1. Welcome back, Michelle. Love the doily. So pretty. And that crazy quilt jumper!!! Never saw one. Very cool. Miss Kitty seems to have taken your absense in stride but then cats are like that.

  2. Your doily is just stunning I love the colors..always enjoy seeing pictures of Sylvia as well =)

  3. I love everything about this post - that you're back, all your projects, the beautiful colors of everything, and of course Sylvia - who can forget Sylvia? ♥

  4. You know I tried that doily the other day, I think it's the same one I was trying and I got all confused LOL

    But now seeing yours is motivating me to go back and try it again :)

  5. Beautiful projects Michelle! Love your crochet doily. Your fur baby is darling.

  6. I love the doily--the colors are gorgeous!!

  7. Hey Sylvia is awake...well almost. :) That is a tiny sheriff office!!!but very cute. You know I am loving the barn...I like the way you photographed the barn in it's setting. :) Glad you had some back road wandering time...isn't it relaxing.

  8. Hope your recovery is going smoothly. Love the doily you're making -- so pretty! I can see why you're getting burned out with your Gathering Eggs, but it will be worth the effort. Put a good tv show on and stitch away! Lovely jumper you made too. I always love seeing Sylvia!

  9. Such fun! Thanks for the visit and the beautiful pictures - always puts a smile on my face. :-)

  10. I love your doily it's so colourful.
    Gathering eggs is great too.

    Your jumper is very pretty.
    Lovely photos of Sylvia!


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