Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just crafting away!

I wanted to take a picture of our bed after we covered the beat up headboard with an afghan.  Well, I couldn't leave well enough alone so I had a little fun with it using my photoscape program.

 Here is the heart doily I am working on.  I am just now beginning the bottom of the hearts.

 Jack is now working on a wall quilt.  It is all one color so he is having quite a good time!  He is easy to please!

 Really Sylvia is not sleepy, she just squints most of the time when I take her picture!

Thanks for visiting this short post.  Blessings and huggles.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

LOVE the the blanket ... can not remember how to spell alfcan???
It almost looks like a quilt in the picture.
Also enjoyed the peach recipe below.
Thank you and many blessings,

Dee said...

Does Jacks turtle have it;s head yet? :) His wall quilt is going to be awesome....Your photoscape photo is cool....I like the way you have your quilt laying over your head board...I may try that on my headboard. I have seen that look of Sylvias on my kitty's.

Maggie Ann said...

Your Raggedy Ann picture is fun! And I love the wall hanging...I have some embroidery started all in red....oh I remember now...they call it 'redwork'. Our quilt show had entries of it and it was gorgeous. They also had 'bluework'. Have a nice day!

Barbara said...

A wall quilt, I am impressed, how wonderful.