Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ready for more stitching?

Here is the bluebird Sampler  and Cathy P. asked if it is on the tea stained piece of fabric.  yes, it is and I so like the way it looks!   Dee also asked if I have a rule of thumb on where I begin.  I do not like starting in the center and so as much as is possible I will start at the upper left.  

And Dee asked about Jack's turtle which I had forgotten to post a finished picture of.  I am glad she mentioned it and here he is!

 The doily is coming along great.  I sneak in my crochet when a certain feline is napping or in another room dreaming out the window.

 This is a picture of what the doily will look like when finished.

 Jack is still having fun with his wall quilt!  I like to tease him about making sure he is using the right color!

 And of course I will leave you with pictures of our girl!

Blessings and huggles and thanks for visiting.


Maggie Ann said...

What a pretty sampler...and I like your doily too. I used to crochet lots of ruffled doilys' once upon a time. Even made a few tatted ones with little roses.

Sandra said...

Your bluebird sampler is just beautiful as are all your other little projects :)

Dee said...

I can not imagine doing such tiny stitching...I have such clumsily fingers. It is going to be beautiful when it is finished. Thank you for answering about where you start stitching. In rug hooking I was told to start in the middle but found it awkward...the upper left is a good place to begin. The turtle is adorable with his head:) Does Silvia try to help uou crochet? LOL Sylvia looks so pretty with white and purple. The wall quilt is coming along nicely...I love the red...and I can see how you can not help but tease him about the colors. LOL

Margaret said...

I love your Bluebird Sampler -- so pretty! Such a cute turlle too. The doily is great and looks to be really pretty too. Sylvia -- adorable as always!

Lady Violet said...

Gorgeous as usual!