Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some weekend stitchy fun-Hearts!

A little bit of fun with hearts is in order.  Nearly everything has hearts on it!  This is a piece jack cross stitched that I put together in a pillow. It sits on a "Jewel Tea" bowl on the hutch.

 Of course my Bluebird Sampler has hearts on it.  I have been very busy with it by the way!

 Here is jack with some heart quilt squares he just started.  Love the colors!

 A little crochet heart I made that sits on the hutch.  It is less than 2 inches at it's widest point.

 This Jack's finished pillowcases.  No hearts here but I had to show them to you.

 Sylvia is showing her tummy heart!

That was very enjoyable!  Thanks for visiting!  Blessings and huggles.


  1. Such a cute blog today...I love Sylvia's tummy heart.The pillow case's look great...the yellow and blue are good choices of color. You are almost done with your sampler:) It looks very tedious to do.

  2. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    I enjoyed your post, you and your husband's stitching is so lovely and Sylvia is gorgeous!

    The little crochet heart is very sweet too.


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