Monday, August 13, 2012

A finish!

Well, I finished this up this weekend.  Now it will become a small pillow.  I really enjoyed doing it although there were times I got tired of it if you know what I mean.

And I am now racing toward a finish on the doily.  Counting the row I am working, it is 4 rows.

I can't afford needlepoint anymore, but this fella has been hanging around here for a few years.  We got it on clearance some time ago.  It is called Porthole Fish and is by Janlynn.  The finished size will be 14 by 14 so it will most likely end up a pillow as well!

Jack has just a little bit to finish on his quilt square as you can see.  He is enjoying them but planning to add another project when he needs a change.

Sky pictures from the other evening.  Some much needed rain moved in later that night.

When Sylvia is ready for her late night treat and thinks I need to get off the computer, this is what I see.  LOL!

Here she is playing today and trying to convince me she was NOT playing with the blind strings!  i don't mind though as she only slaps them around a little.

Thanks for visiting!  Blessings and huggles.


Dee said...

I can see your sampler as a pillow.:) And Sylvia peeking around the corner to see if you notice she is playing with the blind is funny. I love cats!!

Nancie said...

Hi Michelle,

Love your handiworks. They are very lovely as usual :) Wow, you do have many projects on hand!

The photos are lovely and Sylvia is so cute :)

Take care and have a blessed week!'

Warm Regards,

Maggie Ann said...

Michelle, your cross st. sampler is beautiful and will make a lovely pillow! I've done that too and am still using my little pillow. Your husband's embroidery is beautiful also. My Mom and Grandma always had a project going. I loved to see what they were making. I am knitting a summer sweater and getting help witih my pattern at our community knitting group. Which is so nice! hey, love that fish needlepoint....what them! Your doily will soon be done...I love just about all doilies. For sure....

Lisa said...

Michelle, your sampler is absolutely beautiful! Such devotion and patience you have to create a piece so meticulous and stunning. All the projects are lovely, and pictures and stories of Sylvia always bless my heart. :-) Cats have such unique personalities...God sure blessed us with these dear little companions!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish Michelle! I love the color of your doily-very vibrant!

Ma Teakettle said...

Oh Michelle, your sampler finish is just amazing and the pillow is going to be stunning! I can't wait to see a picture of it, hint hint. :)
Your doily just takes my breath away, as your handiwork always does. I wish I had really watched my grandma when she make her doilies and learned how, but it brings back so many memories seeing yours. :)
The fish are gorgeous, and look like a fun stitch, what with those sweet faces and gorgeous colors, and Jack's quilt square is great, he's really amazing (I may need him to talk to my hubby about starting some stitching).
Have a wonderful day and kiss Sylvia for Ma.

Mary Ann said...

Michelle, your Bluebird Sampler is lovely and will make a very pretty pillow. Jack's quilt square is looking great, and I love the bright colors of the Porthole fish--it will be a stunning piece when finished!