Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Middle of the week visit

Nearly done with the needleroll!  I have though decided to frame it instead and sit it on my antique vanity.

 This picture of Sylvia really is a moment that warmed our hearts!  When we first gor her and she was so sick she would sit on our laps.  Now rarely she curls up on my leg and tonight she climbed up in Jack's chair and helped him stitch.

 Being goofy on her tree!  Silly girl!

Thanks for the visit!  Huggles and blessings!


  1. Your needlework roll is very pretty! Slyvia must be so much fun. Happy Fall! It has been rainy and cool here in Pa today.

  2. The bottom row of flowers and the heart really pulled it all together...i am with you about framing is so pretty. It is good to see Sylvia awake LOL

  3. Cute and it looks like your cat was helping a little! Richard

  4. You're you're almost done with it! I've never thought about my next life to become a kitty, but as seeing yours, it may not be a bad idea!?

    Thanks for entering to my giveaway. I wish I had more goodies to share with everyone out there... But truly appreciate your participation and visit!!


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