Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time for another update!

 I have been working away on my afghan and have nearly two rows done.  I might have been further along but i am also doing a couple other crochet projects.

Also I am working away on my cross stitch project, Rosewood Manor's "Come Sit With Us"

Some days Sylvia will actually cute it up for the camera and last night was one of them.  I caught this picture on my way to bed.

Jack and I were hungry for bread pudding so this is the result of that.  It came out really well too!

Thanks for visiting!  Blessings and huggles.


  1. Love your stitching and crochet WIPs. That bread pudding looks delicious! Sylvia -- such a ham! lol!

  2. Nice to see your cat having fun! Your bread pudding looks yummy!!! Save a slice for me :)

  3. First of all your bread pudding looks delicious!! Second, you'll be happy to know I've started cross stitching again - yay! I went online after Christmas and bought a few of the beaded kits on sale. I like doing those with the perforated paper and cross stitch and beads. I'd also like to get a wedding cross stitch gift started for a friend so I've got that lined up as well. Thanks for the inspiration. ~ Beth

  4. I love rosewood manor designs. I got to meet Karen this summer at the sewing expo in Indy. I bought a number of her charts. I love how everything is based on quilt blocks. Your crochet is beautiful. Is that one hard?

  5. Sylvia does look like she is starting to have her photo taken...:) I have never had bread pudding...looks good. Is it sweet?


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