Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Am I blue?

Yes, I am still very blue!  LOL!  I confess I have not stitched much on this as I have been finishing up a snowflake order!  done now with that and I hope to really get on this piece!

Ah, Sylvia Joy!!!!  Enjoying the cool shade of her "Mug Hut" as we call it after sunning and getting to warm.  I think the girl makes napping an art!

Blessings and huggles and thanks for the visit.


  1. Your stitching looks great -- and I love all the snowflakes on your last post! Sylvia -- she looks so content!

  2. Awesome that you have snowflake orders! Count your lucky stars! Nothing blue about that at all. Well, unless the snowflakes are blue... :)

  3. Oh, my, Sylvia does love her house!

  4. I am glad your blue is a good kind of blue...:) Sylvia has napping down pat.:)


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