Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crochet time and a little fun!

 I have been working on an afghan this week.  It's one I started for Jack and since I had a wicked sinus headache all week, crocheting was more appealing.  Well, at least when I wasn't zoned out!  LOL!

 We took a drive when we started feeling a bit better and met these two near a lake.

When the weather turns cold, Sylvia says hop in on the flannel sheets before anyone can make the bed!

Just chillin' out!

 What more can I say?

Last nights sunset.

Thanks for visiting and sharing a smile and some fun.  Blessings.


Margaret said...

ROTFL! I love the look on Sylvia's face looking at the water! lol! Your crochet is so pretty -- love the colors! Hope you are feeling better -- sinus headaches are the worst!

Minnie said...

I love the afghan you're working on and Sylvia is a real character.

janice15 said...

I love what your looks wonderful...I know about those wicked sinus headaches..suffered for a long time with infections for years one after another...I don't drink milk anymore in the evening cause of that...thank you for joining me I also have my other blog post many other things it's a open diary..I joined you as well...with love Janice p.s. love to see that afghan

Dee said...

LOL Sylvia does look a little bewildered... the color of your crochet project is pretty. It is nice you can switch things back and forth.

Mii Stitch said...

Your new crochet project looks stunning & Sylvia's reaction to the water was definitively worth a pic! :D Happy Easter x

Lumiruusu said...

You have done lovely corheting again :)
Sylvia is so cute and I keep on wondering what do our cats hate so much water!
My Kittyes are sometimes afraid of even a glass of water in my hand..
But The tigers in India love swimming .isnt that sweet ! :) :)