Monday, September 1, 2014

Stitchy, stitchy!

Hello!  First I want to share a picture of a very old doily.  I can not even remember who made it but it does have some holes and to me is still lovely.  This is what is known as Irish crochet.
I have been working away on my Rose Garland Runner.  I am past the halfway mark and on the downhill side of it.  Just a little over 40 rows to go!
I found a project from 12006 that I had forgotten about.  Jack and I were going thru finished things to decide what we want to frame.  I need to get the beads for her but I can finish up the cross stitch,
Here is Jack and Sylvia.  Poor Jack is just trying to roll up a ball of yarn!  LOL!
Thanks for visiting!  huggles and blessings.


  1. Sylvia is watching Jack very close, did she attack. Love your table runner, it's a nice shape and size, you are very clever.

  2. Wow! the doily is gorgeous, and your crochet is wonderful! I think my sister crocheted something similar once. Just lovely! Love your found cross stitch too -- so pretty! lol -- did Sylvia help with the ball of yarn? :D

  3. It is good to be back to my blog. I was wondering what you have been working on and how Sylvia is doing.It looks like Sylvia is watching closely every move jack is making LOL I am going to go visit your posts that I have missed. I may not comment but i want to let you know i am reading them. ♥

  4. Lovely crochet and stitchy projects. I can just hear Sylvia Joy saying "come on! Drop it! Dropit! Dropitdropitdropit!" So she can scamper after it in a fit of play!

  5. The crochet work you are doing is simply stunning! I crochet but it is only bits and pieces. God bless the three of you!

  6. Hello Michelle ! Greeetings from now Autumn coloured Finland.Leaves are yellow and red and te woods are full of tasty mushrooms and picking them for to cook is very popular hobby.Ireally like yourblog and all the positevy calm pictures of your lovely Ktty sleeping or playing. I wish all the Best Blessings from Our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ to fill your home and hearts with the Joy of Salvation . I am so blessed too have Christan blogging friends even there in the other side of the Atlantic Sea.

  7. Anonymous11:51 PM CDT

    What a small world ...I have the exact same teapot that you have on your doily. My Auntie K gave it to us after we were married 44 years ago. Loving your beautiful works and the kitty, of course. New reader in Georgia.


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