Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Digging My Way Out!

I am thoroughly, and happily buried under crochet for others!  I have 9 angels to do yet for one order, just finished up and order today to go out Friday consisting of 4 dish clothes and two pot holders.  Then there are 16 pot holders for a Christmas order.   But I have crawled out long enough to visit.
I did have some time this weekend to cross stitch a bit on the fairy.

And Jack wanted to share the progress on his wolf.  It is slow going as it is pretty involved and then he sometimes must quit to lie down to ease the pain in his legs.
Well, we had quite a storm this afternoon.  It didn't last long but what a lot of noise and rain!  Some towns around had downed trees and power outtages.

And now here is our Sylvia maxing out last night and hiding from the storms today.

Now to bury myself in my stitching again!  Huggles and blessings and thanks for visiting!


Marlene Jones said...

I love both your stitching, hope you complete all your tasks soon.

Chava said...

Nice pictures! I hope all the orders are going well! I loved the tail poking out lol! If someone rings the doorbell or knocks Izzy hides. I opened the closet just to find two back feet sticking out under my mom's coats lol :D

Maggie Ann said...

I am so in awe of all you and your husband accomplish! Such beauties you make, I love seeing your handwork. Kindle had a free ebook on How to Crochet: 16 Quick and easy granny sq. patterns. One of the squares had the cutest owl in the center. I never saw anything like it. I do crochet but haven't done much for awhile. Not feeling good etc. Have a nice day! I've enjoyed my visit to your blog. =)

Sandra said...

Beautiful stitching. Love rainstorms too but it's never fun when they knock out the power.


Dee said...

I am happy to hear of your orders...I think you probably enjoy the challenge. :) My daughter is with me for a visit and she brought her knitting...I think she wants to show me how to do it....I am not a good learner....LOL We have had a lot of storms also...most of them grow stronger and do more damage East of us. My Lucy would join Sylvia under the bed LOL....Love the photo with just her tail peeking out.