Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lots to talk about!

First some news about what is going on here in Fort Scott this weekend. We are having Good Ol' Days! There will be motorcyles, arts & crafts, food, music, green beret skydivers and oh so much more! Visit here to learn more! And if you get tired from all that fun, just come by the house. We will set on the porch and drink ice tea and have a snack and lots of laughs and fun!
Now on to stitching! here is Jack's progress on his baby quilt! Aren't the colors lovely?
Here is my progress. It is coming along nicely and I have a bit of a break from the morning glories.
This was what we saw Sunday afternoon! Doesn't that look like fun? The kids were just laughing and having so much fun!
See this guy? I am ready to have fried squirrel!!!!!!!!! More than once he has scared me half to death jumping from our porch to the tree out front. Sunday he was annoying Katie and teasing her something awful! He aggrevates poor Flash next door too! Katie managed to knock a pot of flowers over trying to get him. The flowers survived but I was glad when the little rodent moved on after his fun! LOL!
I think that squirrel chasing was too much for poor Katie! Crashed out big time! Bye for now!


Gran - (Angela) said...

Good Morning ! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. It is nice to meet you too! I loved visiting with you this morning. You and your husband are masters at the cross-stitch panels. They are all Beautiful.
Have a BLESSED day!

Vonna said...

Fried Squirrel...too funny :) They are mischievious little critters aren't they?!
Fort Scott Days...looks like a lot of fun! I hope you have a BLAST!

"Early Bird" said...

The Good Ol' Days event sounds like so much fun!
As for your projects...please be sure and drop by my blog today as I have referenced you at to the revival of an old hobby :)
Squirrls are too fun to watch!!
Poor at least she looks comfy with all those nice throws!

Penless Thoughts said...

Boy, you are being busy, busy and lots of excitement. Enjoy the festival. Sounds like fun.

SiouxSue said...

Sounds like the celebration will be wonderful. We'd love to come, but this is high school graduation weekend, so you guys sit on the porch and drink that tea with your fried squirrel! Those squirrels eat my bird seed...but so do the raccoons and possums and armadillos! Oh well, guess I could make a stew!

Susie said...

I'd love to come Michelle, but my sweet grandson would be sad if I missed his graduation this weekend. (And who would prepare all the food for his party?)
Maybe next year??
I can so relate on "fried squirrel" Do you have a good recipe ;)

groovyoldlady said...

Ah squirrels. They used to literally aim and throw acrons at our heads. Then there were the evil pigeons of doom that used to raid my bird feeder. Now we have the lovely but insidious Hairy woodpeckers trying to share our insulation.

The pic of the horses makes me think, "I hope they had a pooper-scooper!"

Meari said...

My dog, Celeste, doesn't like squirrels either. Then again, she thinks the entire neighborhood is her domain and nothing had better cross her path. LOL Apparently, she doesn't know she's a little 4lb dog!