Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Mr. Chicken & some stitching too

This is where I left off on the rainbow bridge project. Not a lot done but some at least.
I have put down my other cross stitch to do another Names of Jesus one. It is to be a present as well. I am using two different red variegated and a couple solids. I wish the shading showed up better. It is pretty nice.
Now meet Mr. Chicken. Yes, I know it is a baby toader, but this guy gets so freaked out the minute he sees you he, well, you can tell by the picture what happens. Do they make toad size pampers I wonder? I really enjoy seeing him and the one other I have noticed about the yard. We also have a bunsie rabbit living under the shed out back. It's nice to see it nibbling grass and being a bunsie.
So that is my short little post. Thanks for visiting. god bless and huggles.



I love the new piece you are doing. It is not only beautiful but the words have so much meaning to my heart. Thanks you for sharing it and Mr. Chicken. connie

Susan said...

Oh that varigated red Names of Jesus will be beautiful and someone is going to be very blessed to receive that. I know!!!!!

I've always enjoyed seeing toads. Haven't seen one around here in a long time.