Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall has fell!

Here's Katie! Well at least her snozzle as we call it! LOL!
I am getting so close to being done with this. Just a few more names at the bottom to go!
Jack has finished the doilies and now he is doing the dresser scarf. It has cute little blue birds on it as well as the flowers.
Speaking of flowers, here are the mums Jack bought for beside the porch. Two we got on sale at Sutherland lumber for 2 dollars each. The other 3 were on sale at Rovenstine greenhouse next to a grocery store we shop at. So for less than 15 dollars things have brightened up. Next fall I will add bulbs for earlier color in the year and we still need to mulch.
These are storm clouds rolling in on Monday. It poured buckets but not too much thunder or lightening.
So that is it for me for now. God bless and huggles.


Lisa said...

Both your pieces are beautiful, and Katie Bug is cute as ever! I followed your link to and got rewarded with more cute Katie pics...How it the world did she get 75 friends?! That's such a cute website!

More Than Conquerors said...


Katie is so cute :) I just love to see her each time. Your pieces are so beautiful and the flowers are lovely! Sure very cheering to see these sweet flowers.

Thank God for His mercies that my brother is discharged from the hospital and is now resting at home!

Thank you for your prayers and encouragements. It means a lot to me as this brother is very dear to me. My brother is very grateful for your prayers too. He wrote: "...I thank God and everyone for your prayers and concern. I needed them very much."

Take care and have a blessed day!


Sharon said...

Great stitching Michelle, I love His Name-especially the colors. Katie is doing what I want-sleep!

By the grace of God ... said...

great price for mums! I love the purplish ones ... need to have my hub get me some to change out my summer flower pots. Love your work as always!!

PEA said...

That's how I love to nap, with only my nose sticking out of the blanket like Katie! lol You and Jack do such beautiful stitching, I'm always impressed with your projects. The mums are gorgeous and the colours so wonderful and bright. It's no wonder I love this time of year:-) xoxo