Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finished my shawl!

Here is little ole me and my shawl that I finally finished. I really like how it came out so nice and long. I crocheted a couple ties a little way down from the neckline so I don't need hands to keep it where I want it.

  And I am back to crocheting on my Variable Star quilt.  It was meant to be an Ohio Star quilt but I goofed up but it is still lovely I think.

The church we attend sent this lovely Easter Lilly for Jack yesterday. They are so loving and thoughtful.

Jack had a doctor appointment today and he sent Jack for x rays of both knees. He is worried that Jack's arthritis is causing the issue and that will mean weight loss and a knee replacement if that is the case. Jack is still on crutches and strong pain meds and now has to get support hose. Also he is not to stand in one spot for a long time once he is off the crutches. He is either to be walking or sitting and when enjoying t.v. in the evening he is to be stretched out on the sofa. So that is it for me for now. God bless and huggles.


Plain Pam said...

Michelle, I love your new finished shawl, love the color and just in time for Spring. You'll be the prettiest flower in the garden. The afghan is gorgeous also. Will keep praying for your beloved, take good care of him.
Blessings dear sister,

Debra said...

Beautiful shawl!!! and I LOVE the crocheted star quilt.....is there a pattern for that you might want to share??? : -)

Brenda said...

Beautiful! I love the lavender.
Sorry Jack is feeling well.

PlainCatholic said...

A stunner! Your shawl is so well done. The quilt too...I see no mistakes there. Continued prayers for Jack's healing.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY EASTER holidays!!!

You are lookin' pretty dolled up in your new shawl, very nice!!!

More Than Conquerors said...

Lovely shawl and quilt! You are truly very gifted Michelle. Sorry that Jack is unwell. I am praying for him. Thanks for your visit. Take care and have a very blessed weekend, and Lord's day. Gentle, loving huggles back to you, sweet friend.

With warm regards,

Sharon said...

Pretty shawl Michelle! I love your blocks-they look great! Happy Easter to you and Jack!

Sharon said...

Your shawl is so pretty!! I also really like the crocheted star quilt!

Praying for Jack and hope the pain will go away!

Sharon said...

Have a blessed Easter Michelle!

Amydeanne said...

oh love the shawl Michelle! It looks lovely!

Lisa said...

Hi Michelle,
Oooh, I think I crocheted one of those shawls! Was it a Lion Brand pattern? I can't think of the name of it right now, but the pattern looks familiar. Yours came out very pretty. Love the size where it comes down to. Beautiful star quilt, too. Nice to meet you!