Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A last post before...

we leave for a short vacation Thursday morning. After the last couple months we could use it! Been a bit rough but we will and are fine with God's help! We are heading for Lake Norfork in Arkansas.
So here is my shawl thus far. I am picking it up again and plan to finish it on our little trip. Jack took me to get a couple more skeins of yarn that I needed.
I have gotten some done on Rainbow bridge.  Working on the fish bowl and there will be a kitty as well then time to go to the next sheet of the chart.  Next post, I will take a picture to give you an idea of how long this thing is!
Now for some not so good news but here goes.  Stubbs and Snicks are back at the shelter I am sad to say.  We took them to the vet Monday for rabies shot, nail trim and heartworm test and general check up before leaving.  Sadly, snicks is heartworm positive and one of the many lumps on Stubbs is a bit worrisome.  Well for one, Jack and I are still paying off Katie's final bill and though we have generous friends who would help there, emotional we can not go through another illness and possible death.  See we found out the boys are older than five years, probably around 7 years which is fine but that combined with Snicks weight is not always could with treating for heartworms.
Jack and I bantered back and forth all morning and finally decided we just couldn't go through such serious things so soon after losing Katie.  The humane society will put him through the treatment and find them new homes.
So that is my news for now.  God bless and keep you.  See you Monday!  Huggles!


Pamela Cassada said...

Oh Michelle...I cannot begin to tell you how sad I am to hear the news about your pets. I hurt for you. I hope you will have a most wonderful vacation, one that heals the heart and refreshes the soul. God bless you both, and I'll be praying for you.
Can't wait to see your finished shawl, it is truly beautiful.
Love & prayers,
Your "long lost sister" Plain Pam

PlainCatholic said...

Michelle, dear one: we grieve with you. They are family and I know you miss Katie-bug as do we all. At the vet today I saw a brochure on canine respiratory flu and said a wee prayer for you all.

Prayers for safe travels for both you and Jack.

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry to hear that about your dogs.
Try and have a great time in spite of the bad news.
God bless!

Lisa said...

Michelle, My heart goes out to you! I pray the Lord will continue to comfort you both, and that your trip will be a time of refreshment and joy. This was a very difficult decision to make - and neither choice would be without heartache. Enjoy yourself and the beautiful sights you will see. Looking forward to seeing pictures which are always beautiful from your trips! P.S. Your shawl is lovely!

Sharon said...

This is so sad!!! I certainly understand your decision though.