Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stitching and kitties oh my!

Okay and even more than kitties and stitching! First I would like to introduce you to Missy. She is about a year old and has been in foster care since June. She has a wonderful personality they tell me and is happy and sweet. Hopefully, when we meet her on Thursday, she will come home with us. So whisper a little prayer if you would.
I keep asking Jack if this looks like a rooster yet and he says "no".  Imagine that!  LOL!
When we were in Nevada Mo the other day, May's floral had this in their window.  Looks like Jack and I don't you think?  Minus the beard on the guy!  LOL!
Jack is responsible for picking out this food bowl for our new kitty.  I like it though.
Met this sweet little guy in Nevada.  He gave me kisses and his tail was wagging to beat the band!
This WAS our maple tree last week.  Now with all the wind we have had and chilly temps, it is nearly bare.
Some trees over in Nevada.  Very pretty.  Many trees around here have dropped their leaves but there are still plenty of pretty ones around.
Kitty toys!  I just thought they looked neat all piled up!
So thanks for visiting with me today.  I hope you are blessed today and always.  huggles.


Sioux said...

Beautiful new kitty!!!

Susan said...

Trusting Miss Kitty will soon be part of your family!!!! What a lucky Miss Kitty :o)

Vonna said...

I bet that your sweetie will soon be home with you! She's a dolly!

Katie said...

Cute kittie and gorgeous trees!

Dee said...

Oh Michelle, Missy is lovely.I got tickled looking at the kitty toys she has waiting for her. :)

PEA said...

Awwww Missy is so adorable and I pray that you do get to bring her home, she will have such a loving home with you and Jack!!

Our trees have been bare for almost a month now, I really miss the colours.

I enjoyed seeing all of your photos from your drive:-) xoxo