Friday, February 18, 2011

A moon and stitching!

Jack and I have been having plenty of stitching evenings. Here is where I stand on my project right now.  I am working on the last page of the top.
Thought you would enjoy a picture I took tonight of the moon rising.  It was so very pretty in person.
And here is Jack's project.  He is getting very close to a finish.  Very lovely in person!
I am hoping next post to have another project going.  I do enjoy switching off now and again.  So see you then!  huggles and God bless!


Lucy said...

Can't wait to see the last supper completed!

Karin said...

The last supper is coming along well - I haven't seen that design before.

Dee said...

Hi Michelle, Thank you for your encouragement and prayers for me and my Frank. We have a tough road ahead of us, but the good Lord has been in so much of the details that we feel an inward confidence he will give my Frank a new heart. It feels good to be able to use my computer once again and am hoping it will continue to work. I have missed visiting your blog and seeing the progression on your needle gets addictive :)I think it is wonderful you and your Jack share such a nice hobby. I do hope one day you will finish your wolf. Dee

Ember said...

That moon! It was like that here in England, too :0)