Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our week!

I finished up the baby afghan a day or so ago. I think it came out really nice too.  Just a nice size for a sweet baby boy!
Miss Sylvia Joy being, well, Sylvia!
Okay so I like to mix my own paint on occasion.  Usually do pretty good at it but not this time!  LOL!  I knew what I wanted, a nice light tan with gold undertones.  Had a small can of brown boo-boo paint from the hardware's mistake counter.  I thought the full can mixed with some leftover caramel color would do the trick.  Yeah, right!!!!!  Not a color I want to look at when I am in the bathroom or any other room for that matter.  I would tell you what it looks like but I think I will behave!
No problem with my mistake though!  I am not easily deterred!  I too a small amount and added it to a partial can of white.  Much better and that is what I was going for!  Stay tune for part two coming soon as I am trying for some more mixing fun to get a color for the lower bathroom wall.
So sleepy!  I think she would like me to take my camera and take a hike!  LOL!
Okay on to my squares.  I finished the 32 painted desert ombre color on the left and now I am working on the bi-color next to it.  I need 64 of those and 64 red and white.  I may end up running out of the painted desert though.  We will see.
So now you are up to date with what is going on here.  Huggles and blessings.


Sarah Beth said...

WOW!!! That baby blanket is amazing. You are so talented!! When I pick up my crochet again I will ask you for help if I have questions.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

The baby afghan is beautiful. I appreciate women that follow patterns.....I can only go in circles.