Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stitching, crochet and kitties!


This is a doily I have started on.  It will have butterflies around the edge.  I have patterns also with bumblebees and another with hearts around the edge I want to make as well.  I used to have a lot of doilies but have given some away!



Here is my cross stitch piece.  Once I get all the way across, it will be finished.  Getting close at last!



The girl on her vanity!  My goodness the ways she naps!  I would never be able to get up again!


I had to cover my new to me loveseat as our girl loves the texture of the fabric and I thought, “Hmmn, I could make her a neat hidey spot.”  She loves to tuck herself in there and try to ambush you as you head to or from the kitchen.  If she didn’t say “mmmmm” as she launches her attack, it might work better!


So that is my post for this round.  Be blessed and huggles.


Sarah Beth said...

Hi there friend. Your stitching looks great and seems like you are on your way to being finished. I adore that pattern and would love to get one for myself. What is it called and who designed it. I want to buy one for myself if I can.

Ma Teakettle said...

Oh Michelle, your crochet doily is just gorgeous! It looks so delicate and reminds me of the doilies that my great grandma made that sit upon tables in my Mom's house to this day as a beautiful tribute to a wonderfully talented woman...just like you.

Your cross stitch takes my breath away, I even pulled hubby over to see it...beautiful colors and fabric, and your stitches are perfect! You are so close to the finish line. :)

Oh Sylvia is too cute...and what would a house be without the "foot brigade" waiting to pounce upon intuders.


Susan said...

My mother crocheted those lovely pieces!!

Dee said...

I admire your needle work so much. The young people of today are missing out on the joy of handicrafts. It is a grand way to relax.

PEA said...

Never a dull moment with Sylvia around! lol Imagine if we all slept in positions like she does? We'd all be walking around bent over in pain! lol Love your doily, so beautiful. xoxo