Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stitching with the hubby & the kitty!

Sylvia sillies!

I almost think in the first picture she is sticking her tongue out at me!  LOL!  And our girl with many of her toys.


How Dry Is it?

This is our well baked yard.  Little rain for a very long while.  It was 104 yesterday and 109 today but it could be worse!  I will leave it in the Lord’s hands.



This page is at last done and I am on the last one finally.  I did make a change.  Do you notice how the leaf under the word “mankind” is?


This is how it was on the chart.  To me and to Jack as well it looked odd and I didn’t like it at all.  I am much happier with it now.


This will be my next piece.  It is from my friend Sandra at Joyful Expressions   I will work it on a chamois colored piece of aida.


Well, that is all for now!  God bless and huggles.


Sarah Beth said...

Hi sweetie,
Everything is looking really nice. I wondered if you would email me so we can talk that way too. Your comments are set to no reply so ....my email is sbmarchuk@gmail.com You are making such progress on the bird one and I see Jack is almost done. I can't wait to see that one done too!!

Susan said...

Very hot here, too. It begins to wear on you after a while :o) We will welcome fall this year for sure. The days are getting shorter. I am so aware of that because I've been walking at sunrise each morning for the past 4 weeks. Too hot to walk any other time. Your stitchery work is always lovely Michelle and I enjoy the love green Name of our Lord piece daily as I blog, fb or pay bills etc. in my office. Thank you again!!

Lana said...

That leaf does look a little suspicious, like the pattern was cut in half then reglued incorrectly!! lol...weird! Your project looks great! Can't wait to see your work on the next project.

Mrs. Q said...

Oh, your kitty is so cute and looks a lot like one we used to have. Every time I visit your blog it makes me wish I still had time to cross stitch. Well, maybe one day I will get to again.

God bless,
Mrs. Q