Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stitching away and a fun day

I will be having surgery on the 17th because I have a tumor on my thyroid that is suspicious for cancer.  I have no worries and just trust and know the Lord has it all under control.  Knowing that we had a little fun today while we had a rental car.  We drove around here and went to Gentry AR which is a short 6 miles from Siloam Springs AR where we live.
This is at the library in Gentry.
 A few shops in downtown Gentry.
 Working away at the restaurant we ate at called The Wooden Spoon.
 I love the old beams and doors.
 We had fried catfish, pickled green tomatoes, hush puppies, and potato salad served with tarter sauce.  All homemade of course.  It was so good and we had some wonderful peach sweet tea!
 A Bed and breakfast in Gentry that is for sale.
 Jack and I took some time to sit in the park here in Siloam Springs watching the fish swim around and just enjoying the day.
Miss Sylvia hoping to tempt Jack into playing with her.
 Here is my progress on Gathering Eggs.  I have done her shoe and am working on her face now.  It is a bit hard to see that.
 And a lot of progress on The stained glass piece.  I think I will work on this tonight since it has need of less counting and attention.  Having fun is tiring work you know!

Thanks for visiting and bless you.  Huggles.


Susan said...

Glad you had such an enjoyable time today enjoying the beautiful spring weather we are having.

Sarah Beth said...

Will be praying for it to be benign and for a speedy recovery.

Lisa said...

Looks like you had a fun time! Praying your surgery goes well and everything turns out fine. :-)

Barbara said...

I liked the way they served the potato salad. Looks like a cauliflower. My only contact with catfish was seeing them in the Mexican Gulf.

Sorry to read of your thyroid issues Michelle. Even though this is something treatable I hate that you have to go through it. However I am sure you know I will be praying for you and Jack.

Anonymous said...

That catfish dinner definately looks like it tasted delicous, and the place was lovely, too. It looks like you spent part of your day relaxing in a beautiful town, everyone should make themselves do that once in a while.
Poor Sylvia, her daddy wouldn't play with her and it looks like she's attempting to hold that stick herself! ha..
Please know that my prayers will be with you as well as your husband during your medical care. We'll be waiting for an update afterwards. ~Pam in Louisiana~

PlainCatholic said...

We pray that God will send you complete healing for your thyroid. God bless you, Michelle!