Monday, April 16, 2012

A Mixed Bag

Here is Miss Sylvia Joy hiding in her box while I was on the computer.

 And today napping while I prepare to do my ironing.  A girl mustn't work to hard you know!
 Jack and I made a crumb topped apple pie this afternoon.  Hope to have a piece tonight.
 We had tornado sirens go off Sunday morning but the tornado was the kind that hits and goes up quickly.  At the end of the day we were blessed with the sunset kissing the clouds.

Jack's progress on his baby quilt.  It sure is going to be a cute one!
 Here is the Gathering Eggs piece.  I am working on the right hand side of the girl.
 Been busy on Sunburst Stained Glass too.  It can go slow at times.
 Well, sometimes I mess up on my math or my brain goes dumb when I am preparing to start another project.  That happened with the Bluebird Sampler I wished to do.  I have to work with what I have on hand as I buy much of my supplies on sale or clearance when we have the extra funds.  Rarely do I pick a project and then buy the fabric to go with it.  I do plan on fine tuning my dying skills so I can have more color choices on the aida I usually work with.  Someday I hope to get a hold of some more evenweave.  I enjoy working on it but it is to expensive for me to buy very often.  I may well end up doing another stained glass from Art Stitch.
Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


Dee said...

Oh MY that pie looks delicious...truly... I can taste it as I type.

Minnie said...

I will take my pie ala mode, all of the stitching is lovely. Please stay safe in all that bad weather out there.

PlainCatholic said...

Praising God for sending the angels to protect you in that bad weather!

Hugs to Jack and Sylvia. Keep on stitching!