Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wow what a week!

I have been fighting a sinus infection and we have been on the prowl for a new place to rent.  The rental market is so different than what we are used to.  Not as many vacancies means tough competition and no one will hold a vacancy for more than two weeks even with deposit and approved app.  It was quite by a fluke that we found a nice townhome managed by a company we really like.  So happens the people are moving out the 25th of May and we want to move the 1st of June.  So yesterday we signed the lease.  What a relief!  Where we are now is just not a pleasant place to be sometimes.
Now onto other things!

Not a lot of progress on the cardinal.  Between running out of a color and having to go buy more and my sinuses I just have not cross stitched much.

I have been enjoying crocheting though as long as Sylvia leaves me alone!  LOL!  Crocheting I can do headache or no up to a point.

Hamming it up for her treats!

Trying to get my magazine off so she can get under the fabric covering my yarn and thread.
Thanks for visiting!   Blessings and huggles.


Margaret said...

Sinus infections can be nasty! Hope you are feeling better soon. Love your cardinal piece. The crochet is gorgeous! And Sylvia is cute as always!

Minnie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well, I hope you get better soon. Love the cardinal and the beautiful fabric. I always love seeing your crocheted pieces they're beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Glad your getting better and hope your move will go smoothly. The cardinal is beautiful and the crochet is lovely also.
Sylvia is amusing as usual.
Stay well my on-line friend.
Carlene from PA

Dee said...

I am just now recovering from a nasty bug...sorry you need to move. I keep my fingers crossed that we can keep good neighbors around us.

PlainCatholic said...

We are so happy you found a place! That sinus infection is really making the rounds too.

God provides for our needs. Hugs to hubs and HRC Sylvia

Annie said...

Love the cardinal. Of course. And snow, snow everywhere. When will spring arrive.