Monday, January 20, 2014

A bear on a cloud?

Yes it is!  jack is working on a baby quilt topper and it is so cute!
The pink doily is a pay it forward piece for someone.  I will be giving 5 doilies out to people who were the first 5 to respond to a blog post.  It will be fun popping off a doily to someone in the next year!
And I have been working very hard on the pinwheel doily.  It is getting there but  plenty yet to do.
I found a purpose for the hearts.  The big one symbolizes the husband and wife and the small one the baby that is on the way.  Sadly, the father was shot in the head in early December by people burglarizing their home.  He died 2 and a half weeks later.
 Let's end this post on a happier note.  Sylvia in all her glory!

Blessings and huggles.


Margaret said...

That is so sad about that poor father. How awful! Love your doilies. Love seeing Syliva too! Jack's project is so cute!

Carlene said...

The hearts are adorable. It is amazing how you can put something together and make it beautiful. Jack's quilt it nice and so is Sylvia. :)

Regina said...

I heard about the shooting and it's so sad. I'm going to be sending her a card in the next day or two. Your doilies are so cute! I need to learn to crochet doilies. They look like fun!

Eva patch said...

That is so cute !!! and your Heard are adorable !!

Dee said...

The hearts have so much meaning connected to sad for this young mom and baby to lose their loved one in such a tragic and senseless way. I was wondering when we would see some of Jacks amazing needle work....the pattern is cute and vintage looking. :) Love the look Sylvia has in the last photo...I think i have seen that look on my Lucy.

Brenda said...

Such sad news that we hear about all to often. Jack's topper is looking swell, and the doilies are beautiful! Stay safe and warm,blessings to you Jack and Sylvia too :).