Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crochet, snow and such

Hello all!  let's start off with a couple pics of our latest ice/snow event.  As many of you we have been pretty frigid around here.  Been raining today but if it cools off any more it will freeze. You can't even see the mountain in the first picture which is usually very easy to see.

I finally found the perfect little toy to make and give to kids when I am out.  I eliminated the stuffing as well and these are simple and fast to make so it will do fine.  Here is my first one to test out the pattern.
You can find the free pattern/tutorial here:Hoot Owl
I have put down the current doilies I have been working on because they have given me so much grief I needed a break from it.  In their place, I am working on these. The first is a pinwheel and will take a bit to finish with 78 rows although it is not overly huge.  It's just that it is mostly single crochet which is pretty small.
 The second is a floral pattern to use the shaded yellow on after my boo boo trying to do a filet pattern with it.
Sorry but sylvia has not felt generous on being photographed of late.  She has been in hibernate mode upstairs in my chair or elsewhere with the extra cold weather out there!  So blessings and huggles until next time!


Margaret said...

Beautiful work as always! Love that owl! Sylvia is smart to be hibernating. Mia has been living on the heating duct or in her warm winter bed. lol!

Eva patch said...

Nice crochet !!!! and beautiful potos !!!

Dee said...

What a cute idea to give to children when out and about...I bet you put a lot of smiles in their heart. I bought Lucy a pad at a craft show that she loves...Sylvia may like one. All it consist's of is two pieces of fabric sewn together large enough for Lucy to lay on. The center has a very thin pad with catnip in it. It has been Lucy's favorite gift in a long time. Your so talented I thought you may like to try one. The lady was selling them quickly.

Minnie said...

The owl is adorable and the other projects are great too. I don't blame Sylvia on bit, with the below freezing temps we've had, I hibernated too:-)

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Michelle! You have done somay lovely doilies that I am totally amazed ! You a such a busy Lady! Sylvia is very lovely Kitty -oh how we love our cats they really are wonderfull comapany.

Especially I liked the photos where Sylvia played with your extra yearn. I often give a paper flostag and some mouline thread to my kittyes to play with .Miss Namine loves to hide her "own floss "to my crafting basket. Be Blessed in Jesus Name " Maija from Finland