Saturday, July 26, 2014

Have a blessed weekend!

It has been a mixed bag kinda week!  We had a wonderful visit from our pastor and another gentleman Tuesday evening.  What a blessing to fellowship and pray together.  Jack is on the left, Pastor Mike in the center and Rick on the right.
Then that very evening I woke around three in the morning with another nasty spell of vertigo and was ill Wednesday.  We also had a brief but wicked storm that produced wind in some areas up to 60+ mph knocking down trees in the area and some people are still without power farther south.  Here are some pictures.  The cart that was knocked over in our yard was next to the townhouse and is very heavy.

Now here is Miss Sylvia Joy wanting very much to help dad with his stitching!  I don't think Jack really needs help.  Sylvia goes into kill mode where yarn is concerned.

Oh and before I forget, here is my progress on The Names Of Jesus.  I have put that down for the weekend to get some more stocking hats and such done and maybe work on houseshoes I have going.
Lastly, Miss Sylvia bathing on the sofa last night.  Silly kitty!
Thanks for visiting.  Blessings and huggles.


Marlene Jones said...

I can't get wool out when Purdy is about, neither of the cats worry when I stitch. Storm looked bad, we could do with some rain, the South Coast of England is the driest spot in UK.

Margaret said...

Sorry to hear you were ill again. Nice that you had visitors though. That storm looks scary! Love the pics of jack with Sylvia. lol!

Lana said...

I love the colors in this " Names" piece!! I think we had a bit of that storm hit us too! And it was the night before trash day, so everyone's trash cans were at the curb... I'm sure you can imagine the mess those winds stirred up! Joyful stitching to you!

Dee said...

Vertigo is awful I would rather have a broken toe....You have a young pastor...the pastor of my church is young also. or perhaps I am older :)

I like the color of your couch... Sylvia looks nice on it. That storm was powerful...we have had a few blow through our area also. I worry about the trees behind us blowing over onto our far so good. :)

Barbara said...

Vertigo can be so nasty. sending prayers for non-recurrence.