Monday, July 21, 2014

Ninty Directions at Once!

I have so many promised items to get done for people that I feel like I am going in many directions at once.  But I love to be busy.
Here is Jack showing off his hat I made for him last night.
And here are the hats I have finished so far fro my friend to give out..
Next here is the Names of Jesus project for another friend.  I should have been farther along but I made a boo boo and had to remove the King Of Kinks name and move it over one.
Now for Sylvia doing three of her favorite things:bathing, chasing a cricket, and giving mom the evil eye.

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


Sharon said...

You are a wonderfully talented lady. How blessed your friends are to have you in their lives!
Love the pics of your "supervisor" - she's a cutie! :)

Carlene said...

I like seeing all your projects. Jack looks real neat modeling for you. Sylvia is always a delight. Hope you have a wonderful evening. :)

KC Bob said...

You do good work Michelle!