Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A bit late but anyway....

I am back.  My beloved Jack is still being troubled some by his foot and knee.  But he is walking some better today and no more crutches.  This is what his poor foot has looked like.
Now onto the fun stuff.  I am putting the border around the phrase on the Rosewood Manor piece. Hoping to get more done on it this week.  I may tackle the rest of the border.
I am also doing a bit on this scarf.  I just really wanted to try this color and this pattern.  I have no idea who it will go to yet.
Much progress is being made on the bedspread as you can see.  Jack came up with the wonderful idea of a different color for the border.  We decided a light coffee color would be nice.  Not sure yet what I will do with the border.  I have an idea but we shall see.

Someone thought she would steal a nap.  Can you find her?
We have had another glorious, lovely sunset this week.

And someone we know has been in hibernate mode this week.  The temperatures have been cooler and that makes for a nappy Sylvia.

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


Ma, Herself said...

You are so amazingly talented, Michelle, all of your finishes and progress look gorgeous <3
I'm glad Jack is feeling better and more mobile, saying prayers for continued well being.
I love his idea for the border, it's beautiful...and the colors of the flowers too...breathtaking!
Huggles to Miss Sylvia, what a sweet pea she is all cozy and comfy...kisses and hugs!
Your sunset pics are awe inspiring...God is good!

Mary said...

Jack and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful stitching. This is promising to be a lovely piece when finished.
Great work on your crochet projects too.

Margaret said...

I love your bedspread! It's gorgeous! Good idea on the border too. Lovely stitching -- that is a beautiful design. Mia has been in hibernate mode too. It's warmer this week, but she still sleeps!

Maggie Ann said...

Sorry to see Jack's foot like t hat,...I hope it is much better now. I've had tendenitis in my knee....it has started to clear up....for the most part. I love your sampler...it inspires me to get out something and stitch. Thank you for the inspiration and truth of that saying. Your bedspread is so pretty..I've always liked granny squares and toy with the idea of making one with all cream edges for the couch, but I've not got much energy these days. Your scarf is lovely! and I noticed Sylvia Joy's white stocking feet and ankles....how pretty. We've had two gorgeous sunny days here in Pa. in a row. What a treat! Some leaves are left on the trees..not many, but oh so gorgeous. Hope your day is blessed!

Ms.Jeannie said...

Hello, I am visiting via another blogger I came across.. Anyhow Oh my goodness that is some BEAUTIFUL Crochet/Needle WORLD.. WOW Love the colours and pattern.

Blessings To You