Friday, January 22, 2016

A Crochet Stitch for you to try

I am about finished with my potholders. I wanted to share the stitch I use for you crocheters out there. I don't know the true name of it. I call it a fat single crochet. It makes a double thick fabric with little work and does not use any more yarn or very little more than a normal single crochet. To start, ch 30, do a normal single crochet in second chain from hook and all the way across your chain for a total of 29 stitches. I used a size H hook and dishcloth cotton yarn. On the next row insert hook in the back loop (the loop furthest from you) and catch the loop at the bottom of the chain row.
Pull up a loop and work off just like a standard single crochet. Continue across making sure to count your stitches and not working in the same loop twice. Your row will look like this facing you.
And like this on the other side.
Here is a finished row.
In your next row you will again work the back loop only and the left over loop from the last row.

 It makes a very lovely pattern and once you get used to what it looks like it is really not hard if you count carefully and be a little careful.
 Make it the size you like and then finish it off by doing a slip stitch in the same manner as you did the single crochet. I do single crochet around the other three sides, add a loop made of chain 8 in the corner and call it done.
Now for a little Sylvia picture of a little foot.
And a very tired baby!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


Poppypatchwork said...

Wow that looks simple, I will find a hook and have a try. Lovely photo's of lovely Sylvia.

rosey175 said...

Ooo, I was just introduced to this when one of the ladies in our knitting group brought in some amazing potholders done in this stitch. It makes them very sturdy and they look very tidy too! It is apparently called a "single thermal crochet" stitch but I call it a fat single too haha.

Mary said...

I will try that stitch, I like how it looks. I might have to pop back and ask questions when I buy some cotton yarn and the correct size needle, as I'm still fairly new to crocheting and am prone to mistakes. As always Sylvia is adorable, you caught her perfectly.

Lumiruusu said...

The Sampler you have stitched has a great proggress and the potholder looks very stylish ...oooh-your crocheting skills are really something!!! :) TheKitty pictures are lovely ..dont we love so much love those sweet little paws!!? :)

Laura Lane said...

That stitch looks really helpful. I've been knitting dishcloths. Just today, I was sitting in the lobby knitting one after church. A couple ladies came through and asked what I was knitting. When I told them, they went on and on about how they enjoyed the ones I gave them last year. I had filled a basket with single dishcloths tied up with bows and given them out at the Christmas Eve service. They were so enthusiastic, now I am considering doing it again this coming year. We shall see!

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Regina said...

Oh this looks like fun! I'm going to try this when I'm done with my other crochet projects. Your kitty is so cute!