Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cross stitch and crochet

Well it has been a busy week and I am a day late on posting but here I am this morning. Jack started working on some pillowcases.  I do love the colors he chose for this pair.

I have done 10 angels for someone and now am ready to stiffen them.
Got to work on my tablecloth while at the doctor office yesterday as well.

I don't share a lot about my health and weight but I am today. At one point not so long ago, I weighed 280 pounds. Once I began to get a grip on the PTSD and dealt with some bad things in the past I did lose a little weight, about 20 pounds. This is me at 280.
Since July after being diagnosed with diabetes, I have now dropped down to 235 pounds. If I can get to 200 I will be happy and anything after that is a bonus! My blood pressure is down to 114 over 76 and my sugars are great! Jack and I simple limit the carbs we eat per day. He is down from 360 to 298 now. This is me yesterday.
Now on to our silly Sylvia! Looking out the window from her royal cat tree!
And just chilling out on the sofa.
Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


Poppypatchwork said...

Wow congratulations on your weight loss, it's so easy to put on, glad to hear the other benefits of losing weight.

Nancie said...

Dear Michelle, I missed you so. The handiwork are so lovely! Thank God for helping you in various circumstances. May His love and presence be with you daily, my sweet friend. Warm Regards, Nancie

Two Falls in Honduras said...

Wow! What an accomplishment. Keep up the good work at weight loss.
Brenda@ Life of a Plain Lady

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful craft work & congratulations on the weight loss!!!

Lumiruusu said...

well done with your weight loss -I also deal with some weight issueas.I should loose weight for my knees and back pain. You have done beutifull Angels and your DH.s pillowcases are pretty too.Thank You for visting little blog :)

Dee said...

Hi from Dee...I have missed your blog and your beautiful needle work and dear little Sylvia. Thank you for your message to me about being missed. I have been absent from my blog because of illness. I had emergency GB surgery in May and was back in the hospital two weeks later with complications. They also found a cystic lesion on my pancreas which will have yearly follow ups. They are not to concerned about it. My Frank was also hospitalized twice during this time..both of us are doing much better. I also became a great grandma♥ a beautiful little girl computer Betsy finally fizzled out and I have a new one...not overly fond of it yet. Lots of other stuff...but good news I am OK. I am having problems with my blog. I think it has been hijacked... I can read it but can not post or find my friend list...I am able to comment to you because you left me a message. I can not sign out and only my dash board appears...:( I can not even get to my account to delete it. Hopefully it can get straightened out someday. I have enjoyed being your blogger friend. Blessings to you, Jack and Sylvia

Lynda said...

Well done on the weight loss and improved health!

I find eating more protein helps me keep the weight off as it satisfies my hunger for longer. xx