Sunday, May 8, 2016

Flags, snowmen and capes

I am doing quite well on the cape for a friend. I have gotten to the section where it is worked in three sections to allow for the openings for your arms. After so many rows, it will join up again.
I also sat yesterday making snowmen bodies. But right now without faces or scarves and hats, they look a lot like bowling pins!
Here are my attempts at making american flags. The bottom one did not quite have the right proportions. I was actually only off by about 5 stitches but what a big difference that made as seen by the top flag which looks much better.
And here will be the next victim of my staining and painting adventure.
Whilst staining the top of the cabinet, I was holding the can of stain and went to set it down. I lost almost a full can of stain when my hand spasmed. It was one heck of a mess as you can see, It got on the garage floor, the wall, and some lumber for shelves and me of course!
This week I also came to the decision to give my china hutch to a Christian thrift store. The china was given to dear friends and it is time for the hutch to bless someone else. I am using this little shelf now to display my pretties. Which also emphasizes that the hutch is a waste of precious space.
 Now here is the Queen herself doing the things she enjoys most, playing and sleeping!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


Marlene jones said...

I love a good sort out, we got rid of a book case this weekend, we found space for the books with just a small sort around.

Margaret said...

Love all that you are working on. You're so creative! Love all the Sylvia pictures too. Don't you love the bits of black on her paw pads? Mia has the same sort of thing!

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Michelle and please excuse me not visiting your sweet blog for sometime.I had stomach ache but now I am okay!You have done super cute snowmans and many other things! Everything is beautiful and Sylvia seems to enjoy her days in our loving care :)

janice15 said...

Looks like you been a busy bee as well. Love the flag great job. And the cape. I love and adore snowmen. I have dropped so many things because my hands just won't move they either get stuck or I lose feeling. I keep thinking what will I do if my hands stop working i cant live without gardening or crocheting. Hopefully they keep working for years to come. They get so stiff a lot of the times. Cant wait to see your finished snow men. Happy Thursday with love Janice