Friday, January 27, 2017

Long Time No See!

Well, last week started out wonderful but ended with Jack down with his knee so that kept me busy. We did get to meet with a friend we had not seen in 17 years when she came to town with her new boyfriend. That was a grand day! The rest of the week went downhill but we are doing better this week. Here is Judy and Jim.
All of us at Cracker Barrel taken by a sweet lady for us we did not even know!
Judy's darling doggie Sissy came to visit as well.
I have been managing to crochet and finished my friends afghan this week.

Working on snowmen another friend has ordered three dozen of. He needs his hat yet.
She also wants three dozen angels and another friend ordered twenty.
Okay now this yarn you will most likely hate or love. Jack bought it for me a couple or so years ago. I love it! It is what is called mill end and they are very inexpensive. I auditioned a couple patterns but nothing felt right until this week! I got a trial issue of I Love Crochet magazine. In there was a shawl with a four row hexagon I liked. My hexagon is quite a bit bigger and will become an afghan. The yarn is very soft and not so bad to work with. I will add hexagons in other shades using Lion Brand homespun.

And what, you ask, has the Queen herself been up too? well see for yourself.

And lastly, we have been having some lovely sunsets the last couple weeks.

Huggles and blessings. Thanks for visiting.


Laura Lane said...

Father God, I ask for a creative miracle for Jack's knee. I ask for a relief from pain and a rebuilding of whatever is broken down in it. Father I ask for financial provision for whatever needs Jack and Michelle have. God bless them in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Regina said...

I'm sorry to hear about Jack's knee. That's not fun at all. Sylvia is such a cute kitty! I don't know how you get your crocheting done. Every time I sit down with yarn our kittens try to grab it. The same when I was trying to sew. They wanted to grab the fabric that was hanging down. But oh they are so cute!

Margaret said...

I hope Jack is doing better. So lovely that you got to visit with your friends. Love your crochet as always. Sylvia is such a cutie!

Lynda said...

Hope Jack's knee is improving. Nice you got to catch up with friends. Colourful crochet...and colourful sunsets...amazing! xx

Maggie Ann said...

I hope Jack has a quick recovery with his knee. Its no fun to hurt anywhere. I got my MRI last evening so am glad thats over with and hope it will be helpful.

I like the Queen's marvelous photo shoot. She's a beauty! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with our friends. I am in here by the pc looking about for a mislaid recipe and got online for a bit. We have sunshine today!!!! That makes such a nice difference in a day...hope your day is especialy nice. Maggie Ann