Saturday, February 4, 2017

Busy, busy me!

I now have a big stack of hexagons done. I will finish the afghan after we move and I have the dollars for some more yarn. So they are packed away now.
Mostly I am working on two orders of angels. One for 36 and one for 20. I have nearly 20 done but am on a much better roll now so they should go quickly.
I sometimes need a break from small work, so I am making a rug. It is a quick and easy project. Each square has only five rows. I did all the center after trying the first one, and now I am doing them in assembly line fashion, one row at a time on each square.
This morning it was a stack of squares and hot tea!
I have taken a little time as well to color on this for Jack's mom.
And Jack finished painting the table legs so I am doing a light green on the top. I will finish it up Monday.
Last week, we were quite surprised to see this out the living room window. It was a huge boat!
So here now is Sylvia in all her glory!

Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


DianeNeves said...

You are moving? Miss Sylvia is such a delight, I would love to have a cat if I weren't allergic.

Marlene jones said...

Your angels are really cute. Love your paint job on the table, I don't have the confidence to paint our stuff. I would like new dining room furniture, but we can't find anything we like at our price. Sylvia is always lovely.
Not sure when you move, but good luck, it's hard work.

Ortizadas said...

Hello Michelle, I love those angels.
Greetings and have a nice day!

Margaret said...

Your crochet work is always such a pleasure to see. Love those angels! Sylvia is such a cutie!