Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sick Cat and Crochet

Little update on Jack's nose. Found out it was also broken up in the bridge area. Nothing to be done for it but let it heal. He now has a permanent bump on his nose. Now this week, Sylvia Joy is ill, eating very little and just not well. A dear friend sent money so we can get her into the vet. We are about tapped out with the move coming up and having to buy a new to use vehicle in October and Jack's accident! Sylvia is still being goofy despite being ill.

Speaking of goofy, this is Bosley across the street. He was out with his dad and the sun plum knocked him out!
A happy did arrive in the mail last week. I won fifteen dollars off at Katie's Mercantile and got this wonderful kitchen apron for just over ten dollars. I love it and there are no ties to fumble with.
Now for the crochet bit. I am trying to finish up this doily before we move in a couple weeks. I will get it done but not this weekend. So I will try next weekend to finish up. The colors are pumpkin and cream.

So that is it for us this week. Huggles and blessings. Thanks for visiting.


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I sure do hope Sylvia gets better soon and Jake's nose heals quickly!

Margaret said...

I do hope Sylvia feels better soon. Poor Jack's nose too -- hope it's healing well. Love your new apron! Love the crochet too.

Regina said...

I hope Sylvia gets well soon. Your poor kitty cat. And Jack! Oh your poor dears! I hope his nose heals up very soon. It is no fun for him I'm sure. You're crochet project is very pretty😊

Maggie Ann said...

Sorry to hear about Jack's nose....and Sylvia being under the weather. Your doily is very pretty and the apron looks nice